Boundless Exposed Presents
Chains: A Monologue for Two Voices

Written and directed by Mariana Carreño King. Featuring the original designs of Ambar Colón Fargas, Imari Paynes, and Iris Zacarías. Performed by Oriana Sophia and Verónica Ryzio.


Lighting and Sound Design by Iris Zacarías

Microphone Sound Editing


A Latinx Theatre Podcast dedicated to making space for Latinx storytellers and content creators across all media to talk about their art, experiences and culture. Created by The Sol Project.


Sound Editing by Iris Zacarías

Circus Smirkus Vaudeville. 2018.png

Vaudeville: Circus Smirkus 2018 Big Top Tour

A celebration of the grand American tradition of variety entertainment! A spectacular lineup of unforgettable acts, with amazing acrobats, mystifying magicians, jaunty jugglers, and wondrous wirewalkers. The most successful tour season ever with nearly 45,000 patrons attending 68 shows in 5 states over the course of the summer.

Sound Mixing by Iris Zacar


Little Wing

Featured in Teatro Zinzanni's Welcome to Wonderland in 2016

Vocals by Lady Rizo

Musical Direction by Hans Teuber

Sound Design by Rob Witmer

Sound Mixing by Iris Zacarías


Breath and Imagination:
The Story of Roland Hayes

Written by Daniel Beaty

Directed by Saundra McClain

Sound Design by Dave Mickey

Sound Mixing by Iris Zacarías

Voice Over & Sound Design Reel

Voice Over & Sound Design Reel from select productions presented at

California State University, Fullerton

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 6.14.11 PM.png

Lighting Design Reel

Automated Lighting Design Final Project presented at
California State University, Fullerton in 2013

Lighting Design by Iris Zacarías